The Romania Day Festival on Broadway – the biggest Romanian event in New York.

Preluare de la pagina de facebook a doamnei Simona Miculescu, ambasadoarea României la ONU:

The Romania Day Festival on Broadway – the biggest Romanian event in New York – held today, due to its initiator and organizer Stefan Minovici, its fifteenth edition in front of the impressive National Museum of the American Indian, along the famous Canyon of the Heroes, within the Financial District of Manhattan. This beautiful bridge between Romania and the US brought in front of the audience traditional music and dances, pop opera, fashion, artifacts and food from my beloved country.

Among the officials who attended were the Honorable Loretta Sanchez (D) Congresswoman from California – the co-chair of the Romanian Caucus and keynote speaker of the Festival, the Romanian Minister-Delegate for the Diaspora, Bogdan Stanoevici, and my colleague, the Romanian Ambassador to Washington DC, H.E. Iulian Buga.

As I said in my speech, I am very respectful of the Romanian-American community who grew American wings without forgetting about their Romanian roots, and I am grateful to the Americans who embraced their culture, encouraging them constantly to value and celebrate their identity!

We all truly enjoyed glimpses of Romanian sounds, colors, taste, beauty and pride! I proudly wore Romanian traditional jewelry and my Pineda Covalin poncho because Mr. Covalin is of Romanian origin!”