#maritendințe: Inteligența Artificială japoneză intră la facultate

Artificial intelligence is now smart enough to be accepted into most Japanese universitiesinformează un blog despre Japonia contemporană al WSJ.com. Cităm:

The National Institute of Informatics said that its AI program, developed with university and corporate researchers, achieved an above-average score on a college entrance exam for the first time. The test covered five subjects including math, physics and English.

The institute has been seeking to develop an AI by 2021 that would be able to score high enough on Japan’s standardized college entrance exam to be accepted into the University of Tokyo, the nation’s top-ranked university. (…)

The effort at developing the AI is aimed at “raising the accuracy of the artificial intelligence techniques accumulated so far, and, together with external researchers, deepen our understanding of human thought,” the institute says on its website.